Red Paddle Co – Review of The Revolutionary

Red Paddle Co has been an industry leader since they began making boards. This has been a company to watch because they are constantly finding better ways to do just about everything. Their most recent board the 2019 Red Paddle Co 10’8” Activ Inflatable SUP has some seriously great benefits. Let me be the first to tell you how and why this is the board for you.

Red Paddle Co

A company which has expanded and influenced the Stand up Paddleboard industry constantly, I will tell you why I think they are just so amazing. In 2016, they introduced the MSL – monocoque structural laminate, which has enhanced their boards for durability and floatability tremendously. This is something that you could maybe compare to Goretex, it is a unique industry leading patented technology that you will not find at any other paddleboard company.

Some find that the Red Paddle Co boards are a little more expensive. For the product quality you are receiving I believe them to be at the perfect price point. At Green Water Sports during different times of the year they will do huge sales, so get in there and check out if you can snag a board at a bargain price.

2019 Red Paddle Co 10’8” Activ Sup

Great board for the Active Paddler

  • Wide and Stable Platform
  • Plenty of Space for Yoga or Exercise
  • Comfy for all around daily paddle use
  • Great for Beginners or Experts

This board is a medium board in length, it is not too long or too short for anything specifically. I always suggest that people get a board between 10′ and 11′ – so this is right in there. This makes it so you have plenty of room for activities. Not cramped in any way but also not feeling there it is so long you do not know what to do with the space.

Dimensions are 10’8″ long, 34″ wide and 5.9″. The foam on the board has improved for grip but is still just as comfortable. This is great for doing any sort of yoga poses, you do not feel like you are going to slip or fall. But there isn’t any scratchy or itchy texture holding you there either. I love how soft it is.

They have also made it a little brighter and added some more vibrant designs. This does not change anything about the board except when you are riding people ask about it and love to see you. Honestly, people who see you paddling things it’s so cool so to have an aesthetically beautiful board you are even more popular

They have also used new technology to make it a few pounds lighter. A great change for me because I am a fairly small woman, I am strong but can get tired pretty easily carrying my board. It is only 23 pounds inflated, which makes it just that much easier to carry it down to the water!

One of my favorite parts is the fins! They are toolless fins, there are 3 of them which I think helps with speed but also balance. These fin are connected all the time, they are made out of a material that bends and folds but then springs right back to shape. This has been life changing for me. I am not great with little screws or having something that could so easily break off.

The less fragile the better. Red is offering the greatest board with the features that I enjoy the most here. You just roll the board up and put it in the bag as is, the fins bend to the side. Sometimes this can be tricky – getting the back to zip up all the way and what not. You do have to be strategic about the way you roll it up. But so worth it to not have a removable fin

Accessories – Comes with the BEST

The carrying bag, is incredibly comfortable to carry or you can even roll it! This backpack comes with straps that will tuck away so that you can roll your back like a suitcase. Rolling your board can be super helpful when getting it to the car on the sidewalk, or traveling in the airport with it. In grass or somewhere on a beach you can sling it on your back for easy carry

A unique and awesome feature that Red Paddle Co is well-known for.

The bag itself has lots of room. It holds your pump, paddle, board and even your life jacket or other things you may need. Their are straps within the bag to keep your board cinched and in place for travel.

They have upgraded their zippers and there is a mesh pocket inside as well. The features of their backpacks are like never seen before.

The Titan Pump is one of the most important things this company will offer a paddle boarder. Blowing up your board can be the most tedious thing that you do before taking it out on the water. It is often a struggle to make sure the PSI are as high as they need to be.

Not anymore, with this amazing double barrel pump – it is more efficient and even more comfortable to use. They have put their focus on the ergonomics and comfort so that you can pump your board up faster. Their is an angled foot base and handles that will fit any size of rider. Should make your pumping go that much faster.

One Con

The one thing that is a little bit weird is the placement of the handles. Instead of the handle being in the middle of the board where most companies place it, they are on the outside edges. Making it a little harder to carry, there are tons of ways to carry it comfortably this will just take some getting used to.

No handle in the middle of the board does make it so when you’re laying down, or doing any sort of yoga or moves that you don’t have a bulky uncomfortable handle under you. I find that laying down on my board can be difficult when there is a huge handle underneath you back. Just makes it a little harder to relax.

Overall – I do Recommend The Activ

  • 1 Year Guaranteed Warranty, 2 years with Registration
  • MSL Fusion to make it feel like a hard board
  • Quick and Efficient Titan Pump
  • Super comfortable all over deck pad
  • Incredibly durable and stable out on the water
  • Fins that move and flex with the water and packing it away
  • Even a mount for accessories! Like a GPS or Go Pro

This board is incredible and I would even go on further to recommend Red Paddle Co in general. They are a company with great integrity and dedication to the paddle industry. Always trying to improve your ride experience!

Check out the Activ Board here at Green Water Sports. They have even further information on the board, with videos of all the technologies and it even being used out on the water.


  • Hi Molly, This is great post, I like the way you have enunciated about the company, the board and its accessories. As I read, I understand that it is an extremely high quality product from Red Paddle Co who are the outright leader in inflatable paddle board technologies and design. I believe the 10’8″ Activ is a prime candidate for all round paddling, family fun and of course, being active with yoga, pilates or other exercises.

    • I am so glad I could be helpful in teaching those important thing about Red Paddle Co. These are all true and it is important to pay attention to these details when you are looking to invest in a new product like a SUP.
      Thanks for reading and I look forward to connecting with you again soon!

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