Paddling Upstream in the Blogger World

Being a “blogger” is uncharted territory for me to say the least. It is not something that comes natural, excited to share my journey with you.

After finding out Paddle Board Vlog videos were something I loved and wanted to continue doing I invested in owning my own territory to post. Getting into blogging and the internet world I had a lot to learn – still do. Read a lot of books about business, online marketing, network marketing, if I thought the book could give me any tips.. I read it.

One of the most profound things I read was – building a following or “tribe” on Instagram or Facebook is like building your business on rented property.

Just like a brick and mortar business you could build a very successful business but then the rent goes up and you can’t afford it. Or the owner wants to tear down and rebuild apartments right where your store front was.

Any day now Instagram or Facebook could restructure and wipe out all the work you have put in to building your business there. So now I own my own land – It’s all mine and I could do whatever I please with that domain at whatever time I want. Pretty cool.

Goals, Goals, Goals!

With building a website and attempting to be a part of the blogger world I have set up lots of goals for myself. Some small and some big. I figured as one of my first posts that I share with friends and family I would share these things.

I find that when you are honest with people and try to help them understand your why – it leads to a healthier relationship.

So here’s to a building healthy friendships with anyone who takes the time to read my blog! Or listen to my vlog, I smile just as much typing these as I do on that selfie video camera.

Keep that in mind! It’s all about enjoying what you do, and I sure do enjoy this.

Become your Local SUP Specialist

Fairly early on I had a friend reach out about buying a paddle board. I had not even thought about helping other people with actually buying a SUP.

Taking people out on the water and helping them stand, teaching them some of the silly technique I have picked up was the extent of helping. On top of that it’s a stretch to say posting videos of people falling in the water is super helpful!

It feels good to have people think you could give them sound advice on a purchase. How fun to help a friend pick the perfect board for their lifestyle and paddle experience. 

So this blog is built on tips and tricks for all things SUP.

I will put reviews up on certain boards I have ridden or accessories for a board. If you decide to click on the link for a product from my website and buy it, I will earn a little bitty commission from your purchase. How cool.

This is called Affiliate Marketing. I am an affiliate to Green Water Sports and Amazon right now. So if you click on the links and buy something – that will help my business.

Also if you think you might want something specific, board or accessory – I can do the research, find what I think is right for you and send you a direct link to purchase!

Affiliate marketing is something I also knew very little about until recently. It is a very popular way that many bloggers and people who work primarily through the internet, make their income. The itsby bitsy percentage of a commission I make will probably not amount too much of a full time income, but it’s still awesome.

Learn and Build an Online Based Income

My second biggest goal is to make money primarily from my computer.

This is the most I have ever felt like a true millennial, want to live a life where I work remotely.

Our generation apparently is really into this, and since it’s so popular I actually found out it is more accessible than I thought.

Is it easier than I thought? Nope. Not in the slightest, it requires a lot of hard work. Consistently getting on your computer, which is something that I am still getting used to.

In the learning process I am always looking for help from others.

If you have a book suggestion, or a website or blogger who you think gives great lessons or examples. Leave them in the comments below! I love to check other people’s work out, and learn from it.

The Van 

This is my biggest physical goal, to move into the van.

This coincides directly with the SUP and traveling to paddle on crazy cool waters all over the US. Plus working from my computer would allow me to do this travel more full time.

If you have experience with the van thing – send your suggestions my way for sure.

So I’m here to help with any Paddle Adventure you want to embark on.

I’m also here with Amazon and Water Sports Affiliate Links.

Y’all this is so fun for me, I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can get that swimsuit on and out on the water.


    • Alex,
      Thank you! I want people to know that I am just me, approachable and wanting to be myself when I help people.
      Glad you got that vibe from me, it’s working!

  • Hi Molly,
    I absolutely loved reading this. It is so obvious that you love what you do and have some honest and fun inspired goals…You will get that van! I’m sure one day I will embark on a paddleboard adventure and I know now who I will come too 🙂
    Best wishes and congratulations,
    I loved this

    • Justin,
      I am so excited to hear that you loved reading about something that makes me so happy. Love to make others smile!
      Yes come to me with any questions or needs you may have. Always willing to get people out on the water whatever way possible.

  • Nice move Molly! Indeed, your own online “property” is the best place to build things.
    I love SUP paddling, but unfortunately I only get to do that during vacations. I made great progress though, and I’m proud of that 🙂
    Wish you all the luck with the online business side, so you can fund your traveling and have awesome experiences.

  • Good post.
    I like your article on paddling upstream in the blogger world.
    It’s refreshing to see someone put themselves out there to view their goals, results, and solutions to problems they encounter.
    I look forward to reading about your journey.

    • Bob
      Thank you so much, I am glad to see that people do appreciate the honesty. I hope that it helps people to realize I’m just like them, approachable and here to help!
      Look forward to hearing what you have to think about my other tips in the future!

  • Look up Henderson’s Line Up out of Grants Pass, Oregon I think. He repairs RVs of all sizes. knows much about repairing homes on wheels. it is very costly you know, to keep a vehicle operating at tip top shape.
    he has a book out too, or coming out in July about RV living one mile at a time.

    • I will have to look him up! That is very cool. Lots of people are writing books and getting into living in homes on wheels these days.
      It is costly, but so is the crazy amount I pay to live in an apartment in the city so for me it’s a better trade off.
      Thanks for checking out my site!

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