Niche Affiliate Marketing

Paddle Boarding is my Niche Market and my goal is to be your SUP Go To.

One day people may know me as Molly, that girl who paddle boards so graceful and wonderfully gliding along the waters edge.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Many bloggers and people who have built their business online start with this method of monetizing a website. I think being up front about it and letting people know why I do it and how you can support me is the best course of action.

Being an affiliate or a brand ambassador is so popular these days you definitely know a handful of people who do it.

Promoting a brand on their Instagram or Facebook, or promoting a certain product they use and love. If this is a product you then want to buy and use you can click their link to buy and they earn a small commission for sharing that with you!

One of the most popular ones is Amazon, being an associate for them allows you to market and promote millions of products and brands with just one link.

I’m also a member of Water Sports online company that specializes in paddle boards and other gear for SUP and Kayaking.

Becoming a SUP Guru

Testing out and owning a couple different brands of board or accessory allows me to share real life experiences with friends. Whether I like or don’t like a specific brand or product. What different boards or life vests are good for your style of boarding or style of life.

I love to help people and want more people to get out on the water and try to SUP! It really is a cause I’m passionate about. Being more active and doing it with the best products possible!

So as I learn more about SUP and grow in my different experiences I will share them with y’all. Including links so that you can have an experience as good as mine!


Niche Affiliate Marketing

In conclusion I am an affiliate for Amazon and Green Water Sports and my Niche market is in Paddle Boarding.

This website is for teaching people the things I know about Stand Up Paddle boarding.

For researching and finding out as much as possible about the particular sport.

Then helping you or anyone you know get onto a board, try this fun sport and stand up without falling!

Leave any comments, questions or concerns in the comment box below. Love to hear from my people about what they think. Especially let me know if there are any products that I can help you find or learn more about.


  • So glad you clarified this! I love online shopping! And real life, honest reviews of products are what sell me to try a product.
    As some one new to SUP, I am excited to hear about your adventures and the products you test out.

    • Lace!! It is so good to hear that from you. I look forward to being honest and telling people about what I like and don’t like. Hope that can help!
      Also we have got to get you your own SUP 😉

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