IRocker SUP Review – Blackfin Model XL

My Dad wanted a SUP that was a little bigger, both length and width wise. Something that could hold a little bit more weight capactiy and still feel super stable. On a  Black Friday sale he picked up the Blackfin and we were not dissapointed! Here is my review of the Blackfin. Inflattable Blackfin Model […]

Red Paddle Co – Review of The Revolutionary

Red Paddle Co has been an industry leader since they began making boards. This has been a company to watch because they are constantly finding better ways to do just about everything. Their most recent board the 2019 Red Paddle Co 10’8” Activ Inflatable SUP has some seriously great benefits. Let me be the first […]

Body Glove Paddle Board – Why I Love It

The Body Glove Paddle Board was my first one, and is still my absolute favorite!  For many reasons which I will tell you about – it’s a board and a brand that I recommend to all riders. They have a great selection of different boards for yoga or racing. They are super accessible and great […]

Inflatable Paddle Boards – Benefits of a Blow Up

My blow up SUP has been life changing. I can take it anywhere and use it way more often than I would a hard board. There are so many more benefits to having an inflatable board! Here are all the most important reasons to switch today, go inflatable! Inflatable SUPs are Compact and Convenient Compact […]