Why is Stand Up Paddle so Popular?

Let’s talk about the Rise of Stand Up Paddle boarding and find out why it is just so popular these days. So many people are doing it now it seems strange to me that it still is a very new sport. All Ages and Athletic Abilities Welcome Personally one of my favorite things about SUP’s […]

Benefits of Paddle Boarding

It is more than just fun, there are tons of great Health Benefits to Paddle Boarding! Works the Whole Body Some people don’t realize until they are on a SUP that it takes muscles from your whole body. If you have an Inflatable it takes lots of arm and shoulder power just to pump it […]

Niche Affiliate Marketing

Paddle Boarding is my Niche Market and my goal is to be your SUP Go To. One day people may know me as Molly, that girl who paddle boards so graceful and wonderfully gliding along the waters edge. What is Affiliate Marketing? Many bloggers and people who have built their business online start with this […]

Paddling Upstream in the Blogger World

Being a “blogger” is uncharted territory for me to say the least. It is not something that comes natural, excited to share my journey with you. After finding out Paddle Board Vlog videos were something I loved and wanted to continue doing I invested in owning my own territory to post. Getting into blogging and […]

What else iS UP With Molly!

Stand up paddle boarding is what inspired me to start blogging. Since it is a sport that is dependent on weather I figure in the off-season of my paddle adventures I’ll keep y’all posted on what else is going on in life. I have been attempting to perfect the blog before sharing it with others […]

Paddle Boarding in Florida

My first piece on a new place that I got to paddle board – I learned a lot. Paddle Boarding in Florida was a blast! It was much different from anywhere I have been out on the water before. Now in the spirit of wanting to tell people about it I see some blogger mistakes […]

SUP, What is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Many people are asking, what exactly is SUP and of course why has it recently gotten so popular? SUP is an acronym that stands for Stand Up Paddleboard. Which is a sport in which the rider stands on a board similar to a surf board in ways and propels themselves through the water with a […]

Best Gifts for a SUP Lover

Dear Santa, Or whoever is reading this article, here I have compiled a wish list of the best gifts for the SUP Lover in your life. These are all things that I either have or want, and I know they are sought after by other stand up paddle boarders. #1 A Go Pro There is […]

Rent a SUP – Everything You Need to Know

Before spending hundreds of dollars on a paddle board you can go to a local rental place and RENT A SUP! This usually costs only about $20 an hour or so. Much less expensive than buying your own and it’s a great way to try out the sport and see if you like it. I […]

Choosing a SUP – Buy the Perfect Board

When it comes to actually deciding on a Stand Up Paddleboard to buy people tend to get overwhelmed. There are so many options out there, at so many different price points. So let me give you a few tips that Green Water Sports say are the essentials to picking the right board for your needs. […]