Best Gifts for a SUP Lover

Dear Santa,

Or whoever is reading this article, here I have compiled a wish list of the best gifts for the SUP Lover in your life.

These are all things that I either have or want, and I know they are sought after by other stand up paddle boarders.

#1 A Go Pro

There is nothing worse than doing something cool or seeing something so beautiful and not being able to document it. The Go Pro Hero 5 Session is the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life

These amazing little cameras can do it all – and they are waterproof! Take amazing videos of you paddling down the river, or time-lapse of the sunset, snap a picture of a turtle or a dolphin if you are lucky enough to see one!

Some people’s favorite part about me being a paddle boarder is seeing videos or pictures of me out doing it. A Go Pro will give your favorite paddle boarder the best possible quality video.

If you are lucky I bet they will share their incredible footage with you.

Go Pro Accessories kit can be an awesome gift for someone who already has the camera. This can come with things like a backpack or a chest mount. Something to mount the camera right onto you paddle board and more. These kits will really amp up the videos and photos you are able to take out on the water.

#2 Paddleboard Deck Bag

Something that has recently become more popular is a deck bag, not a dry bag but a bag that actually hooks onto the deck of your SUP. This is brilliant, you can put your waterproof phone case in there, your speaker, a water bottle, maybe even a snack

These bags come in all different shapes, sizes and even in the way they attach. You could get a deck back that actually ties on or hooks to the straps or hooks already on your board. Don’t have that capability? Get one that is suction cups that stick directly onto your board anywhere you would like.

SUP Now has a great mesh bag that suctions onto the board. It has a carrying handle for when it is not on the board, and lots of room for your stuff. Also, it comes with a waterproof insert that fits perfectly inside to hold your phone and keys! Never worry about your items on your board anymore.

#3 Waterproof Portable Speaker

Sometimes out on the water I like to listen to the birds, the water flowing and nature in general. Other times? I need some jams! I love to get out there with friends and play some of our favorite songs while we paddle. Singing along while you float around is one of the best feelings

Waterproof speakers are ever so popular these days for all things.
This is not just a gift for your paddling but a gift that will work for all adventures. Whether you are out on the boat, at the pool, in the backyard or even wanna have it in the shower. These speakers are good for so many things.

Very versatile gift, a portable speaker is something you and your friends will all enjoy. JBL is a quality brand that I now people love. A lot of personal friends of mine have JBL speakers of all kinds and their waterproof one is especially popular with your adventurous friends. This one comes in different colors as well, how fun.

#4 LED Under Water Board Lights

Now these are special. Not something that everybody has but totally cool nonetheless. There are tons of different companies making these lights now. They stick onto the bottom of a paddle board and light up the night

These could also be considered a safety feature as they make it so at night you are visible. To other boaters and people out on the water. Also, now the fishies can see you too

Poho Surf Shop created these special for your favorite paddler boarder.

#5 Onyx Waist PFD – Life Jacket

Onyx has created one of the coolest products in the safety industry. So often while paddling people opt out of wearing a life vest. This is understandable when you don’t have any room to move your arms and actually get good motion for paddling in a standard one.

Even the great invention of a paddling life vest with bigger arm holes can be uncomfortable. Plus then you get those weird vest tan lines – who wants those

This Invention is a belt like PFD that wraps around your waist and inflates when you pull the plug on it. These are sleek and people will not even now you have a life jacket on. Great for anybody, tall or short, this is making safety cool.

Hopefully these belts will get more people wearing life vests. Because safety is very important but I understand completely that people do not want to wear a tradition vest. I now I sure don’t.

Some other simple gift ideas

The Garmin Vivoactive Watch has been popular with paddlers and other people who spend time out on the water. It has a great tracking system that hooks right up to your android or apple smart phone. It is waterproof making it perfect for being out in the middle of a lake. This watch will even track your active activity – helping to gauge how much work you really are doing while you paddle around.

An Anchor, for any paddle boarder who is wanting to workout or do yoga its helpful to keep the board in one place. These anchors are becoming more and more popular as people want to try out their skills on the water. It can be hard to balance let alone if your board is floating away with the current. These anchors are lightweight and come with a pack able case for easy transport.

Waterproof Phone Cases or Waterproof Bags are awesome choices as well. Everybody wants to be able to take their belongings and especially their phone out on the water. So get them a bag to keep their items safe and dry inside. These are also a versatile gift as you can take them camping, or to the pool, anywhere that might get wet! Maybe a waterproof backpack just in case it may rain on your hike.

This holiday season make sure to get your SUP Lovers the best gift possible!

And if you are buying me a gift, these are all just my size ;).

Happy Gifting, and don’t forget – get out on the water!


  • These are some pretty cool gifts. I’ve never tried SUP before but I see many people doing it at the lake my family has a cabin at. It always looks pretty fun from what I’ve seen. I have the GoPro Hero 3 and its just crazy how that camera has evolved and became smaller. But I must say that the waist life jacket seems like a brilliant idea for those who don’t want to wear a traditional life jacket. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • Dereck,
      You really should try it. A lake with a cabin is a great place for it.
      That is so cool you have a go pro. I hope you take it on some seriously awesome adventures.
      Look forward to connecting again soon!

  • I’m glad that I landed on your page! I love SUP! My friends and I always do SUP every summer.

    The Paddleboard Deck Bag is such a great gift, and I like how it comes with a waterproof insert. Sometimes you can’t enjoy it when you know that your belongings are on the meadow by itself.

    Fortunately we live next to the lake, and it’s a perfect area for SUP. Thanks to your post “Gifts for a SUP Lover,” I know what to give my husband for Christmas.

    Thank you for sharing this post. It was a pleasure to read it.

    • Anh-Tu,
      I love that you do SUP every summer – do you have your own board??
      Living next to a lake! What a dream life you live that’s incredible.
      Yes I am so glad I was able to help you.

  • Hey Molly, this is a great gift guide! I would love that deck bag for my SUP! Maybe I’ll have to share your blog with Santa! The waterproof bags are a great idea too. I’ve always got one of those with me, but it’s nice to have different sizes and colors around the house!

    • Jessica,
      The deck bag is new to me actually, of course I have a little water proof one but yes having a bag that could connect to the deck is a brilliant invention.
      Thanks for checking out my Santa list.

  • I’ve been looking into fun new activities to get into on the water and this not only convinced me I need this in my life, but also gave me all the great gear i need to get before heading out on my inaugural voyage! lol
    Thank you!

  • Hey there,

    I love the idea of underwater lights, and the waterproof speaker is such a cool idea too! I don’t know much about the sport but this is a really awesome read! I really like that you state that you’ve tried everything you’re recommending as well. It sounds like you really know your stuff, I’m sure that anyone stuck on their Xmas shopping for those who love the water will come away with lots of brilliant ideas thanks to your article. Thanks so much for a great read!

    • Natalie,
      I am so glad you got the feel that I knew what I was talking about, such a relief. Sometimes it is hard to tell how an article reads so I love hearing perspective of new people. Thanks so much for visiting!

  • I love water activities! When I was younger, I used to do all sorts of water sports and activities. But I never heard of SUP. This is so new to me! Is it something new? When did this started and where?

    Just looking at the list of best gifts for SUP excites me! I would love to get some of these and try it all. Going to send this page to my friends and family. Hope they get the hint. haha

    • Yes share it with them – I am sure they will get the hint! hahaha
      You know it is kind of new but maybe like 10 years or so it has started getting more and more popular slowly.
      That’s a great question and I should write a blog post on it. Brilliant idea thanks for your help.

  • Wow! What really great gift ideas! I didn’t even know that these existed. I’ve paddle boarded a couple of times on my visits to Hawaii and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I no longer live near a beach. But these gift ideas are genius for those who do get to live this life!

  • Hi, Molly,

    Thanks for your excellent recommendations! I’ve been wanting a GoPro for a long time. I’ll put it on my wish list, although in all honesty I think I’ll have to buy it myself lol.

    Anyway, I was thinking of getting a GoPro because they really come in handy when taking pictures underwater. When I travel, it’s hard to do this with a camera or a phone, even using a waterproof bag. Not to mention quality is not the same.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Enrique,
      I know, the quality of a go pro that is waterproof is really unmatchable with anything else. I hope that Santa brings you one!!

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