Y’all I joined BeautyCounter as a consultant and am so excited to share it. The most amazing woman empowering company started by Gregg Renfrew. She is all about getting cleaner, safer and better products into the hands of everyone! There is so much I did not know about the products I was putting on my […]

90 Days Sober – Not a Minute More

This has been an incredible time, to reflect on my body and my mind. I feel better, wake up earlier – without a hangover! I also know now for sure that I am NOT an alcoholic. Because it was easier to give up than I ever thought. Especially with a monthly wine shipment coming in. […]

Journey to Minimalism – with The Minimalists

Something I have always been on the edge of is, minimalism. Never been big on a lot of stuff or things. Up until very recently when I bought a bed to sleep in, everything I owned would fit into the back of my car. I do drive a Chevrolet Suburban which has a little more […]

Boop Bod Review – Why I love these gals

So BoopBod – kind of a funky name but a really awesome company started by two women. Seeing a need in the fitness and overall wellness world for a program that you could do at home. A program that would help to motivate you and successfully reach your health and wellness goals. I found them […]

ClassPass Review – Is it worth it?

This is my honest review of ClassPass. A membership where you pay per month to get credits and you can use those credits towards fitness studios around town. I really have liked using ClassPass a lot. Overall it has been a great tool for trying out different studios in Austin. Exploring New Fitness Studios Made […]

5 Day Fast – Water Only for 5 Days

I started my bootcamp off with a 5 day water fast. I figured that switching from essentailly 3 meals or eating whatever I want throughout the day to one meal may be hard. But going from no food at all to one meal a day seemed more reasonable. I started on Super Bowl Sunday – […]

Wellness With Molly

My little brother has left for Marine’s bootcamp in California for 13 weeks. I thought I would take those 90 days to build better habits, change some of the not so healthy things I do and be a better Molly. So I have set out on what I am calling ’90 Day Mind Body Soul […]

Why is Stand Up Paddle so Popular?

Let’s talk about the Rise of Stand Up Paddle boarding and find out why it is just so popular these days. So many people are doing it now it seems strange to me that it still is a very new sport. All Ages and Athletic Abilities Welcome Personally one of my favorite things about SUP’s […]

Benefits of Paddle Boarding

It is more than just fun, there are tons of great Health Benefits to Paddle Boarding! Works the Whole Body Some people don’t realize until they are on a SUP that it takes muscles from your whole body. If you have an Inflatable it takes lots of arm and shoulder power just to pump it […]

IRocker SUP Review – Blackfin Model XL

My Dad wanted a SUP that was a little bigger, both length and width wise. Something that could hold a little bit more weight capactiy and still feel super stable. On a  Black Friday sale he picked up the Blackfin and we were not dissapointed! Here is my review of the Blackfin. Inflattable Blackfin Model […]